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orchideo | easySSP News #2

New release orchideo | easySSP v1.0 and prostep ivip Web Seminar

orchideo | easySSP v1.0 now available!

orchideo | easySSP v1.0 is now available, offering easy simulation architecture modeling, cloud-based simulation and traceable & credible simulation processes. orchideo | easySSP is available in three app editions depending on your needs starting with a free basic edition and just a few clicks away, accessible from your browser.

Go to and start now!

Besides the core functionality for easy modeling and sharing complex simulation system architectures, based on standards like SSP and FMI, orchideo | easySSP provides two new mighty features far beyond modeling:

easySSP Release
1. Cloud based simulation

orchideo | easySSP now supports cloud-based simulation. The integrated simulation engine is based on the open standards SSP & FMI and offers parallel simulation of different models and parameterizations with flexible hardware configuration options, with no load on your computer.

easySSP start simulation

Easily compare different simulation runs in the integrated simulation result view and export the results to evaluate or share them with others.

easySSP Open and show results
2. Credible simulation

We have great models & tools and lots of experience, but does that ensure that others trust our simulations? easySSP‘s answer on that is the use of SSP as consistent model description language throughout the complete engineering process combined with the so called Credible Simulation Process that assists you to create a gapless process information chain that helps others trace and therefore trust your engineering process.

The integrated Simulation Task view lets you conveniently manage the simulation process and the resources. Easily store the simulation results in the Simulation Task, so others can resimulate them with the original settings. All information is exported in the open STMD format integrated into SSP.

easySSP create trace
prostep ivip web seminar – traceable simulation results in heterogenous environment

On November 26th, the prostep ivip association addressed the Credible Simulation Process in the open web seminar „Traceable simulation results in heterogenous environment“ with more than 100 simulation professionals registered showing strong interest.

In this web seminar a process chain for a simulation process was shown. Starting at the requirements, ending with the evaluation of the simulation results. Along the process several tools of different vendors interacted by using and exchanging the standardized data formats.

A recording of the web seminar with detailed information is available here: