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"Build Automation with Buckminster"

Vortrag von Achim Demelt (JAX)

Are you building Eclipse plug-ins or Eclipse-based products? Are you wondering how to automate your build process outside your IDE? Or have you already tried PDE build and releng tools, but found them somehow strange? Then this talk is for you!

I'm going to tell you how we got rid of PDE build and now use the Eclipse Buckminster project to automatically build our business application framework, consisting of 60+ plug-ins, with custom builders and code generation during the build process. And, yes, the road was bumpy, but it was totally worth it!

Things you'll get from this talk:

  • A brief overview of Buckminster.
  • A case-study of using Buckminster in a real-world project.
  • An example of how to integrate custom build steps with Buckminster.
  • An honest evaluation of where Buckminster is---and isn't---at this point in time.

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